What Is a Puppy Agreement

I did not see the contract, and its details were not discussed with me by the breeder before paying $ 2000 and arriving to pick up the puppy. I first saw the contract when I sat with the puppy on my lap in the breeder`s living room. I flew over it and placed it on a side table next to the chair. The breeder handed me a pen and I signed the contract. I went home for eight hours and didn`t look at the documents for a few days. If you are the buyer, you need to know enough about the breed to know that you are getting the right dog. Learning more about breeding will allow you to choose a high-quality breeder and avoid puppy mills. Inform the new owner of the vaccination course for this dog and breed of dog. List all the injections that the dog has already received and provide the data accurately so that the puppy owner does not give the next injections too early or too late. Buying and selling a puppy can be emotional. Between excitement and worry is the clear fact that both parties decide the fate of a living being.

On the contrary, if the dog has not passed into the hands of your veterinarian, make it clear and write clearly that the dog will be sold ”as is” and that the puppy owner agrees to take the dog to a veterinarian and has 7 (or more, less) days to bring him back if something goes wrong. The fact that for months of discussion of this purchase by e-mail with the breeder, these requests were never mentioned. When I paid the $1000 down payment on the puppy`s birth and specifically asked for a contract, the breeder only replied that there was a contract he had mentioned in a message that was about puppy food and other items he would provide. His casual mention that there was a contract didn`t give me the impression that it was anything other than a typical puppy purchase contract. He had months to explain that his contract was much more complicated than usual. He knew when I told him clearly that I would show the puppy (I thought it might be fun once or twice in my little local show at my kennel club), but that my main interest was to train him in obedience and more active activities. Anyway, I feel like I was deceived and the breeder probably suspected that I did not want to buy a puppy with these breeder requirements that are included in the agreement. I think that`s why he only provided a copy of the contract at the last minute and when I was unable to understand and make a thoughtful decision.

I had already paid $2,000, drove eight hours and had the puppy on my lap. Usually, if this is the case, a puppy return contract can be discussed. This is an agreement between the seller and the buyer according to which there is a return period during which the buyer can return the puppy to the breeder if he is not satisfied with his purchase. Breeding contracts often provide for the use of these kennel names as part of the registered name of the puppy. In addition, breeder contracts can be very different: some breeders require the approval of the name before it is submitted. Others might dictate that the name begins with a certain letter or follows a specific theme they have defined with the scope. The only time this name is used is when your dog is enrolled in AKC events, including agility, obedience and exterior. What you call your dog at home is your own business! Most contracts include all contact details, date of birth of the dog, breed and provide a health guarantee. Some health guarantees require you to return the puppy, so look for contracts that offer you a second puppy if the first one is in poor health because you don`t want to give up your pet. There will also likely be provisions on what happens if you are financially unable to care for or abuse the dog. Relocation can be an option where the puppy can be returned to the seller (at any time in his life) when the buyer can no longer take responsibility for it.

While a puppy`s contagious kindness is hard to ignore, the best advice is not to sign a document you don`t want to honor – not just because you could be sued, but because it`s the right thing to do. We recommend anyone who wishes to buy a puppy to visit The Puppy Contract`s website before starting the research and ask the selected breeder if they are using the contract. What ensures the well-being and happiness of a puppy is the time and research you invest in finding a reputable breeder. If you are the breeder, also be sure to provide all your customers with a copy of the puppy puppy forms with the previous growth chart. If the animal is sold as a purebred dog, the pedigree certificate and the corresponding references must be attached to this contract or to the puppy package. If you sell the puppy, we recommend that you use the contract in any case to protect yourself and your company from possible lawsuits. The trick is to do your research and know what to ask to find a breeder with a heart of gold. Next, create a contract and talk to your lawyer for legal information to make sure your contract can be legally enforced. Since we live in America, you are free to buy a puppy or leave it without a contract. However, if the deal goes south, there will be little you could legally do to get your money back, so only go ahead if it`s someone you can trust to comply with the terms of a verbal agreement. If you`ve ever paid a down payment for a washing machine, TV, or other devices, you`ve had to sign a contract, which is essentially a deal, so you should expect to do the same when buying a puppy. Be prepared, be honest about your intentions and listen to your instincts when it comes to recognizing red flags and moving away, no matter how cute a puppy may be, or for the breeder – how tempting money is.

I didn`t know that my contract stipulated that I had to sterilize my puppy. I want to buy a female later and have only one litter. My breeder refuses to sell me rights. Most only charge a fee. She said she wouldn`t move. What can I do? I even offered to let him know who I was going to breed with. The document also takes precedence over all previous agreements and understandings between the two parties and lays the foundation for a cordial and respectful trade agreement. I recently inquired about buying a Dalmatian N AKC puppy. I wanted to consider all the possibilities with my new puppy, the ability to show or breed or sterilize etc. I was shocked after the breeder projected himself on me and shouted all the negative thoughts she apparently ever had about people raising dals, I`m not that kind of person. I was sent a contract to take into account that I had to send my puppy back to maturity so that he could reproduce, and that she would have the litter and then send the puppy back.

I rejected her contract and she as a breeder. I learned from other people that she had sent an alarm to all breeders to be warned that they should not sell me a puppy. This breeder is crazy to think that she can prevent me from showing her contract that I suspect or harm me by blacklisting me because my goals and needs were different from hers. She was dominant and controlling, and emotionally, she seemed to be on board. It is really also the joy of looking for a puppy. What should I do now? She urged all the breeders she could not to sell me a dal. Another breeder, her boyfriend, apparently said that I had said scandalous things. If the claim that I did not feel that their contract was enforceable is outrageous, so be it. I didn`t deserve that, I didn`t do anything wrong except like control, domination or ranching. No one deserves that. How can I ask other breeders she has blacklisted to file it? I considered a private detective to help her with her slander and the damage she caused me. We simply have a different opinion about buying a puppy.

Although reputable breeders only breed dogs registered with the American Kennel Club and thus verify their ancestry, each new puppy born must also be registered individually. Sometimes a producer will ask you to fill out the akc registration documents. At other times, the breeder takes care of it himself, especially if she is an AKC Breeder of Merit, a designation that shows that a breeder has committed to registering all his puppies with the American Kennel Club. .